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Can you tell me where you got started? I've been thinking of doing this too, but looked at the beading kit they sold at local craft shop (michaels) and was totally turned off.


I started with two books: Getting Started Stringing Beads, by Jean Campbell, and Quick & Easy Beaded Jewelry, by Elizabeth Gourley and Ellen Talbott. These give easy instructions and tips for getting started.

When I worked up my courage, I ordered the Beginner's Bead Kit with Basic Beading DVD from Auntie's Beads ( It's a bit pricy ($76), but it gives you some basic tools & a few supplies to start with. After that, I dove right in.

I do most of my beadshopping online, and many of these sites have tips and design ideas. You can do a lot of dreaming and planning before you spend a single penny. Here are some of my favorite sites:

There are a variety of beading magazines and beading books out there. My favorite beading magazine is BeadStyle.

Good luck! :)

Fredrick S. Lantz

Nice work hope you have success. Semi precious stones are so interesting.Good luck.




Nancy McCormick-Kovacich

Hi Ann,
Another Beading lover! I don't make jewerly however, but beaded dolls. Glad to see you are doing so well with this. Love the work!
Nancy Louise


Thank you! It's always nice to meet a fellow beading enthusiast. :)

Treena Rowan

Your story sounds just like mine. I started beading about the same time, and use the same sites for ordering. I also use, for the Czech glass beads that I love to work with. Glad I found your site. I'm also currently doing macrame for the younger set. I had done them back in the early '70s, and it's funny that I'm doing them again, after all these years. (I'm 65, by the way)


I haven't done macrame (but I do remember the 70s--I'm 42, BTW)), but I've recently picked up my crochet again. I'm working on a baby afghan right now, & eyeing some recycled sari silk yarns on eBay for possibly a shawl.

I do work with Czech glass for time to time for personal or family projects. Thanks for the site tip, and the kind words!


I LOVE your site! Beautiful jewelry, artful designs!

I enjoy playing with different stone combinations--colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. I live in Arizona and here a lot of stone jewelry designs tend to use turquoise as the base element. I like to work with different tones in the stone, etc., but I'm always searching for different "mixtures" that use it, but don't make it such a focal point. Do you have any favorite stone color combinations?



I'm pretty conservative when it comes to mixing colors, just black, white, or clear with a color. Kind of tame, I'm afraid. I do love the combination of hematite and howlite, or hematite and snowflake obsidian.

Kim Horn

Hi my name is Kim Horn. I love your jewelry.I think am your #1 FAN! I cannt wait to see some of your new jewelry. Keep up the great work, THANK YOU Kim Horn


Thanks, Kim! I am very glad that you like my work! :)


Hey like your work! I was wondering if you do this full time or just part? I am a Stay at home mom and I make bracelets that I sell from time to time. I want to really get out there and do it but I wonder if it will make it. I would love to do this for a living! Then I see sites like this and get encouraged.


Thanks! It's strictly part-time, I'm afraid, & I'm not at the break-even point. (My day job is the orders department at Goodsol Development, This website has been a really good starting point for me, though: I've gotten a few commissions on top of the sales here, which has been really exciting. If you don't have a website of your own, I really do encourage you to put one up. :)


I started making jewellery when I couldn't find anything in the local high street that wasn't "this season's must have" I hate plastic and at the moment that is all that is around. Once I started I was hooked. I have taught myself using the internet and download tutorials. I have bought kits in the past when its something new I want to learn just to get a taste to see if I like it before getting in supplies. This is how I am learning my newest technique of chain maille and am afraid to say I am totally hooked on it.


It is addictive, isn't it? You may have some of these links already, but here's some that I have found useful or promising: (the best quality rings I have found) (includes a ring calculator for several weaves)

I just popped over to your blog & saw that you're in the UK, so the supply sites may not be as useful, but hopefully the info sites will be.


Hi, I like your designs. I started with semi-precious stones after doing 2 months of making femo beads by hand. With arthritis and carpel tunnel the clay beads were a NO-GO. I've invested a few thousand dollars and put up a website. What do you think of my designs ???
Also, I just got rainbow flourite. It's beautiful A Grade stuff but I wasn't aware it's so delicate, it breaks and scratches easily.
I just don't know if this project is going to work. My husband will retire in a year and a half and I haven't been able to work in years due to a yucky disorder called Dystonia.
My question is : Is this a good idea? I mean to invest in this as a source of income ???


Candy, I love your designs! A couple of your rhodonite photographs are a little dark, but the jewelry is fab!

When it comes to income, my sales have been flat for quite awhile. Part of this is my fault--I haven't been updating as I should--but sales have never been fabulous, and the economy isn't cooperating. I hope you succeed, but I wouldn't stake your financial future on it. :/

Good luck!


Thanks for answering Anne. I don't want to make a fortune on this but I was thinking of advertising on Google when I can come up with the money to do that. Ebay seems to be pretty 'shady'. They don't even have a telephone number !
OH...Rhodonite just WILL NOT photograph clearly, neither did the lapis and the unikite.
Well, I'm goin' to look at your stuff now.
Peace :-)


Hi Anne, I love your copper jewelry. I'd buy some but I'm allergic to copper and all gold.
Hey, I tried taking better pictures of the rhodonite to no avail.
My husband is sooooo nice. We found a soft light box set on sale right here in town and we're going to buy it tomorrow. I couldn't believe that I clicked on a link and would you believe the set is on sale for 50% off AND get this...the store is right here in my city. What are the odds on that happening that you do a search, find something you want AND it's just 2 miles from your house to go buy it ? you use Crimp Covers ? I have the hardest time with those things...I really dislike them intenseley !


Thanks! I do have an Argentium silver bracelet on my chain maille page that might be okay with your allergies. ;)

Hooray for understanding husbands! :) I hope the light box set works wonders for you. Some designers scan their pieces with a flatbed scanner, but I haven't tried it yet.

Yes, I use crimp covers. Two tips: you've gotta shell out for the larger crimping pliers, and you have to baby the covers closed. First, once I've got them set in the right position (and isn't that a pain and a half?), I position the pliers on the top & bottom of the "C" & gently squeeze the jaws very very slightly, so that the cover won't fall off when I take the pliers away. Then I reposition the pliers so that one jaw straddles the opening & squeeze just a bitty bit (so that the two edges of the cover won't overlap each other when I finish closing). Then I move the pliers back & finish squeezing the cover closed, *very* slowly. Urgh.

I have seen ads for a special crimping plier that squeezes the tube-shaped crimps into little balls, but I haven't sprung for them because they'll only work on a narrow range of beading wire.


Boy, you have more patience than I have. I had a rough time when I first used the crimp covers, first they were too small, then I ordered too large. Then when I moved the pliers the crimp covers fell off and were a sheer loss.
I want those crimp pliers that turn the crimp into a ball !
Oh, the light tent is a miracle and it only cost $49.99 !!!
I re-did the rainbow flourite and all 3 lapis sets.
Here's the link if you want the light tent. It is SO worth the money !
I'll try crimp covers again but I still really hate those thigs....LOL
I'm going to look at that bracelet.


I use the 3mm size crimp covers and the Mighty Crimper. It does sometimes take a bit of swearing to get the covers on.

The crimping pliers that turn the crimp into a ball are called the Magical Crimp pliers. Aunties Beads has them, as does Art Beads.

The light tent looks fab! :)


P.S. That rainbow fluorite set is a honey!! For anyone else who's reading, it's at
Go see it and drool!


I work with your sister-in-law Betty and she suggested your site. I am interested in wire and your fine silver is lovely. Can you suggest a type of wire to begin with and where to purchase it. I don't want to jump right into silver.

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